Saturday, 18 July 2009

Vic Neill's Plug!!

lovely bright colours!!

This comic with good shiney quality paper and strong covers must have stood out very well at newsagents...todays comics are also glossy like Plug and more expensive like Plug!!

Loved the way Vic used the lettering on Plug comic cover...

Plug had some weird characters...all the better for it!!

My favourite Plug cover and the one I remember seeing on a rainy school day and we were given comics to read...first time I'd seen Plug...(also Jackpot comic)it really stood out!

Love the framing of this comic page made to look like a book shelf. Vic really showed off Plug's relatives.

A parody of Top of the pops dancers Legs and Co...centre page poster from Plug comic.

I like Vic's comic work a lot...
more to come in another blog post..


John Gilheany said...

This seems to have been quite a creative departure from the two regular DC Thompson formats (Beezer/Beano).

Was there much of a relationship between the Plug of the Bash St Kids and the sporty type in this comic?

Never really read it unfortunately, apart from 'Digby the Human Mole'!

Peter Gray said...

No not really...
Plug was later in the Beezer when Plug comic merged. A very different character.