Thursday, 9 July 2009

Three Cool cats poster by me part 2

I've never been good at lettering...its hard to draw straight...curve lines without here is my second version! I've used a computer font..
I think it looks smarter now.

Also changed my Traffic light one..the circles and the red and green men look better. Also the light grey shows off the traffic light better than black.

I've changed the through the tulips wording.lots of people couldn't read it...changed the rid of the toe nails.more abstract now...moved the bee...
looks a lot better..


dennis the menace said...

peter do you tend to draw the eyes and mouth first and draw the outline afterwards
dennis the menace

dennis the menace said...

also peter have you done any new billy bird lately i would love to see them (i would love to see the orginal sketches.).
thanks dennis the menace

Peter Gray said...

I havn't drawn any new Billy Birds..

I always draw the eyes and face first..
Though I do draw it all in pencil to get the rough shapes and where I want to put things..