Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tom Paterson's The Legend of Little Plum

4th July `998.

This only lasted a few issues..then Hunt Emerson drew a great version later for the Beano.

Love to see Tom Paterson doing this strip would be great fun with the menacing bears and the comical fights.

A Vic Neill blog post is coming soon...done the scanning..


Unknown said...

hi peter . as a child, paterson was my idol. i studied his style and copied hundreds of his pictures and poured over his comics and later got into art because of him. i am trying to track him down to do an interview with him and to do a retrospective of his work. do you know of his whereabouts and contact details by any chance? email me

Peter Gray said...

You have to contact D.C Thomson directly..Tom isn't a computer user..