Monday, 1 April 2013

The New Beandy this Saturday!!

Just found out  that the Beano is to have the Dandy joining its pages...the new comic will combine there names together..
Dennis will go to the Wild West to live there so Desperate Dan will also be on the cover.
Owen Goal and Ball Boy will also join the same team drawn by Nigel Parkinson
Rasher and Harry's hippo will also be drawn by Lew Stringer
Bash Street kids are going to Boarding school to meet Winker Watson..
Many other surpises!
It will be very different don't miss this...Korky and Biffo are neighbours..
Beandy out on Saturday!

Go to the DC Thomson pages now to see more..

April fool!!


1000MB said...

Nice imagination Peter. We all can wish.

George Shiers said...

Almost fooled me! ;)