Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cracker comic's Mad adverts and The Dandy's Madvertisement

The Dandy 29th October 2011 by Steve Munro..really enjoying these ads and often very funny..these ads are based on todays adverts..and a little retro from the 80's..

Ken Harrison is the artist..

Cracker comic number 1 had a fun Mad advert on the back page...not quite as topical But good fun..
these ads remind me more of the 50's Mad comic!!


George Shiers said...

Didn't realise a similar appeared in Cracker - but I only have one issue of that comic. There were several Madvertisements in Oink comic as well.

Bruce Laing said...

I also had shown a few Mad Ads from Cracker back in April last year: