Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bob McGrath's last ever The Three Bears..

Beano 21st Sept 1985 the last one by Bob..
This was not good news to me as a kid..Simply Smiffy didn't work for me that replaced it..and the strip didn't last long so other kids must of not liked it..I didn't want the comic to be just about Dennis the Menace and the Bash street kids..

Bob stopped drawing Ginger in The Beezer in the 80's..so he must of retired...
I like his work even more now..just look at how 3D the characters are...with weight..and great emotions..I would love to be able to draw in this solid way..my cartoons come out flat:) Every panel is also different and varied..

One thing about The Three Bears was the detail made it tricky to read when it was on the inside last page..the paper was too thin..so it was better inside the comic..

Well worth looking at Bob's work again..I recommend it..

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Robert said...

Yeah, I remember growing up with this guy's work. The attention to detail is something that really stands out. Great stuff, Peter.