Friday, 13 June 2008

Danny on a dolphin David Sutherlands first comic work


Danny on a dolphin Beano 1960 by David Sutherland.
His first comic work for DC Thomson.

Amazingly he is still drawing for The Beano with the Bash Street kids. He does a great job on this. His early work on the Bash Street kids though different to the original artist Leo Baxendale was very detailed and very good as well. Give David Sutherland some credit as well.


Anonymous said...

lovely to see one of the old adventure cartoons again. My Gran did send me both the Beano and the Dandy in my childhood in the late 50's ealy 60's and I still have great affection for them. The adventure series cought my imagination more than the humour only ones: I can recall Dangerman (and Boy and Girl), purple cloud, danny on a dolphin, hovercar, Iron hands and many more - all now lost in time. Wonder why DC Thompson did not re-release these for the baby boomers? Its always the comics! At least they could post them on a blog or something. Here's hoping.

milkyway said...

The 1960s were indeed the most enlightening times to be growing up as a child. In the UK we had a number of reasonable comics - (The Eagle, The beezer and The Beano for example). Responding to the post about the latter, Danny and the Dolphins (by the time I got around to reading) was a gripping tale of a young lad astride the leader of a shoal of dolphins, who carried out a running battle with the Captain and crew of a rogue submarine known as the Red Shark. Another believeable tale, set during the Scottish Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, was Red Rory of the Eagles - involving a young Highlander, whose task it was to deliver a herd of shaggy Highland cattle though the hills occupied and harassed by the Englisg Redcoat army. He had as allies two golden eagles. On delivery, the value of the herd was established, as having tattoed on each herd member a part of a map, which, when read together, gave the location of gold donated to the Jacobite cause and buried near Loch Arkaig. As a young Scot, with an interest in Scottish history, these were interesting tales to read in a children's comic.

Peter Gray said...

Thanks for both your comments..

As you can see I've done a blog feature on Iron Hands recently..

Unknown said...

What beano issue number is Danny on a dolphins first release? Thank you Royce