Monday, 10 December 2018

A Tribute to Terry Bave

Terry's work was sunshine with lots of happy faces...smiling cats....just full of joy and made my childhood fun!.. God bless family friends of Terry Bave and thinking of them...

We did a poll recently on Terry Bave's comic characters at the facebook comics site on what Rebellion could print into a book

..the winner was ODD BALL!
Draculass was second..


Niblet said...

What a great selection of strips you've posted here. I never knew Terry drew Winker Watson. Loved his work, RIP Terry.

Pokey said...

Not beign familair with much UK comics (Bimbo and their DENNIS THE MENACE, not our here in North America (USA/CANADA), it's a welcome suprise..RIP Terry..

Russell Bave said...

Thank you for the tributes. Terry's blog page has pictures of his amazing coffin, covered with all the characters he created or drew.
All the best, Russell (Bave. Terry's Son).