Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Beryl's Chatterbox Topper comic 1973-4

 I wonder if these are caricutures of the editor and writers? As a good guess they must be..also love this time in Topper comic where it laughs at itself as seen above saying the Splodge story will be the usual rubbish!! Love this type of silly fun humour.

Inspired by Kazoop's post on The Shiver Givers from Shiver and Shake comic

The Sparky People was also another strip which had the characters from the comic making the actual comic!  
It is a great fun idea.
The Dandy did Office Hours which didn't quite work for it didn't have any of the Dandy characters in it.


Irmantas said...

I wonder which publisher was the first to come up with the idea? Did DC Thomson pinch the idea from IPC, or was it the other way round? The period looks very similar – 73 – 74…

Peter Gray said...

My earliest one I have in my collection is September 1st might be the first one has its a full page But not sure..the next issue Nick Kelly made it to the cover and new characters joined..