Friday, 5 September 2008

Ken Reid's Wanted posters-Whoopee!! Thanks to John M for so many scans..

whoopee!! number 23. 10th August 1974.
There may be more after this date..please help with scans.

Whoopee!! number 1 1974.

Thanks to John M for six more Wanted Posters


Anonymous said...

terrific stuff, PETER........I well remember the skull/egg one.....these are amongst the creepiest ever of KEN'S work............hope you don't mind me putting these in DENNIS' site....


Anonymous said...

These splendid pages should be in the Tate, let's face it!

K.R.'S work speaks for itself and even louder from the original comics alongside different (and often lesser) cartoonists.

Thanks so much for making such a huge amount of essentially lost treasure readilly available.

I'll have a rummage around my old boxes of Fleetway titles for any gaps that it may be possible to plug.



Peter Gray said...

thanks John..

World-wide Weirdies will be next on the blog in the future...have a lots of them..

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting these up. I used to have a full collection of Whoopee! from #1 to infinity as a child. I foolishly cut the wanted posters off the back as i loved looking at them so much. and then lost them. Without the wanted posters the comics were just not as much fun and I eventually gave them all away to a bring-and-buy sale.


blackpuddingbertha said...

Superb Superb Superb - Ken Reid is a genius!

Zapprabbit said...

Wasn't this 'Shiver n Shake' before Whoopee?

Peter Gray said...

Yes it was..