Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Shiver and Shake the artists

Cover Mike Lacey
Frankie Stein Robert Nixon
The Duke's Spook, Reg Parlett
Webster, Terry Bave
Scream Inn Brian Walker
Biddy's Beastly Bloomers Sid Burgon
Who'd Kill Cockney Robin Adventure Story Tom Kerr
Shake Mike Lacey
Lolly Pop, Robert Nixon
The Desert Fox, Terry Bave
The Fixer,
Shake's Match Of The Week Cowboys Verses Injuns Mike Lacey
Damsel In Distress Trevor Metcalfe
Tough Nutt And Softy Centre Norman Mansbridge
Jail Birds,
Sample Simon,
Moana Lisa,
The Hand, Reg Parlett
Soggy - The Sea Monster Robert Nixon
Sweeny Toddler Leo Baxendale
Horrornation St. Tom Williams
Adrian's Wall,
Ye Haunted Lake
Blunder puss -Jack Crocker
Creepy Creations - Picture- Ken Reid

Wizard Anongmous- Brian Walker
Comic College Cliff Brown Thanks Andy B for the artists name

From Kashgar-

You are quite correct in your assumption that there were only 79 issues of Shiver and Shake published and that none were published for the four weeks in July 1974. This was due to strike action by certain printers that IPC were using at the time and also affected other titles they published like Buster while others, like Tiger, which were printed web-offset by another firm remained unaffected.
As well as the numbering of Ken Reid's Creepy Creations feature somewhat giving the game away another big clue is to be found in the final issue published before the strike, dated 29th June, in which it states that the adventure strip 'The Menace of the Alpha Man' drawn by Eric Bradbury will reach it's final instalment in the next issue and, lo and behold, that final instalment appears in the issue dated Aug 3rd.

So there was only 79 issues and none in July 1974....thanks Kashgar...the blog will be updated...


Anonymous said...

'GHOULDILOCKS' reminds me a bit of GRAHAM ALLEN'S style......and the 'GHOST'S REVENGE' is a bit like JOE McCAFFREY aping REG PARLETT.......but in both these cases, the style is slightly altered from the artist.s natural style, and these are only 'educated' guesses, PETER......cheers...ISPYSHHHGUY.

Anonymous said...

Was it the first or second Shiver and Shake which had a map of an island with Easter Island-ish stone heads? I would love to see that again, it reminds me of the same time as I watched the b/w Robinson Crusoe.

I think I recall there was a sheet of stickers with one of the first issues, 'Shiver', 'Shake' and 'Bone Idle'?

Bruce Laing said...

I think Moana Lisa was the work of Peter Davidson, who also drew Tin Teacher for Buster in the 1960's. Although I stand to be corrected.