Monday, 21 April 2008

Buster comic covers October-December 1988

Oink joins Buster! Tom Thug looks like a man here...maybe they should of got Lew to draw his character...anyway nice ghosts..

Tom Thug is by Lew Stringer But drawn here on the cover by Tom.

Weedy Willy is by Mike Green's But drawn here on the cover by Tom.

Bob Hill gets the cover for Chalky

love the colourful Christmas balloon cover.

Mark Bennington wrote the Buster strip at this time.....very funny snd breaking the fourth wall...talking to the reader...e.g Buster playing with the sound effects wording!
...lots of fun stuff like this.

1st October 1988

8th October 1988
15th October 1988
22nd October 1988
29th October 1988
5th November 1988
12th November 1988

19th November 1988

26th November 1988
3rd December 1988
10th December 1988

17th December 1988

24th December 1988

31st December 1988

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Lew Stringer said...

Hi Peter, Nice selection of covers. One small thing though; Weedy Willy was Mike Green's character, not mine. I did Tom Thug and Pete's Pimple.