Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Covers need to be drawn more

I've mentioned before that magazines in the past had some super original drawn...painting covers..many styles...humour...serious..graphic..moving..
now today it is all the same with the photo of a person (celebrity etc..)which is fine But it makes magazines look all the same. Its not something you will collect...put on the wall...admire the craftmanship...

Comics you would think would have a drawn cover and the two above just shows how good they can be. Full of life! Visually powerful.
Dennis playing bowling is great with the strong colours and the bowl coming right at us. Blue in the distance the cool colour and red nearer us the warmer colour. Drawn by Jim Hansen who has done some great Beano covers...Classics drawn by Ken H. Harrison is good fun and the logo striking and reminds us of the past with the choice of colours.

The Dandy Estreem has a new idea for a cover the photo of a celebrity which is not very dramatic or fun. Also with lots of wording and small pictures scattered around it makes it very cluttered and unclear.
Next time I will show some good covers of The Dandy just before the change.

Anyone else agree?

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