Thursday, 17 April 2008

Beano writer George Cobbs

Heres a fun story revealing the writer G. Cobbs of the Billy Whizz page in 1982. Drawn by Malcolm Judge
The issue is Jan 16th no. 2061.

I wonder what else he wrote...
the G stands for George
George still works on the Beano as chief sub-editor under Alan Digby. Indeed, if you managed to catch the scottish leg of BBC 2's 'Comedy Map of Great Britain' two Saturdays ago in the five minutes devoted to 'The Beano', when Alan Digby entered the Beano office George was sitting at a desk in the background.
thanks Kashgar for the info!

Writers are often overlooked from the comic artists.
Johnny Bean by Laura H is written by the Beano editor Alan Digby,...which is my favourite at the moment. Alan Digby also was editor of the Beezer and Topper comic and I guess he wrote Ratz for Vic Neill in the early 90's..and writes the new Ratz for Hunt E..and Laura H in todays Beano.

In the late 80's -1990's Craig Ferguson wrote Minnie the minx and Fatty Fudge spoofs of films...telly in the Beano..drawn by Jim Petrie.

Ken Reid's
Jonah....written by Walter Fearn
(thanks to Lew Stringers blog for the info)

Lots of comic fans love the early Desperate Dan by Dudley D. Watkins.....
Leo Baxendale's Bash Street kids......

But a thanks must go to the writer who wrote these brilliant gems.....who were they.....lets hope more names come out..let me know by email or on the comments here....very interested to know.

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