Monday, 7 April 2008

Davy Law's Dennis the Menace

Heres the original has where Davy had cut out bits he wanted to redraw...also mistakes whitened out. Coloured pencils indicate to the printers what colours are to go where.

Thanks to LauraH for photo.

I managed to get a pic of the Dennis pages in question that show the tipp-ex and paste-overs quite well... take a look! Peter, you can copy this on your blog if you like. I have a lot more pics from my trip to Dundee, I'll put them up on the web ASAP.

Davy Law sure was great!
Taken from the 1961 Beano book.

We are so used to things all looking the same (everything looking like what its meant to look like...not too cartooney) to the untrained eye they might say its scribberly, untidy and rushed. His style is unique and that is what make it fun. Also a lot harder to draw like this than you think. Why should everything look the same! Theres a lot of fun in this drawing.

Rolf Harris in his Your Cartoon time book showed two picture drawn by him

Action is more important! I learnt a lot from that lesson. The CGI cartoons are very polished and nice looking have great voices But are as dead as a dodo....look at an advert with a cgi character hardly any movement....your lucky to get a blink.

So is a well drawn character better..or an action character not so well drawn.
I'm on Rolf side!


Anonymous said...

Good entry today, Peter- this lack of energy is something that I've always had problems with in my own art but seeing in it in a finished professional piece of work is becoming more commonplace...

the Rolf Harris book is great, by the way- I've had it for 25-30 years. He's a great bloke too, and has given me great encouragement to keep up with my drawing. He even sent me a "Rolf-aroo" once!

Matthew said...

I've got the Rolf book too and used to look at it a lot as a teenage scribbler.

Davy Law's inking may have been fast and furious and a bit messy even but they're really well laid out compositions. Slower with the pencil and faster with the pen maybe?

I used to really like the fact that all these different styles co-existed in one comic. Like a cartoonist's variety show!

Getting into your blog. Thanks for doing it.

Peter Gray said...

Wow love to have a cartoon from Rolf..
I learnt a lot from his book...better than other help to draw cartoon books..