Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Davy Law's Other comic work

Calamity Jane was actually Hugh Morren
Davey Law's major comic output does really devolve down to only three strips Dennis, Beryl and Corporal Clott. His work on Cap'n Hand was very limited by comparison with him only drawing thirty or so episodes before Leo Baxendale and George Drysdale were called in to finish off the first series and Michael Barratt drew all of the second. Kashgar

In the early Beezer (50's early 60's) he drew Punch and Judy in the annual not sure about the comic?...
and Cap'n Hand and his Merry Mutineers.

In the 1952 annual which came out in 1951 there was no Dennis the Menace But I found a text story illustrated and drawn by Davy Law
Ginger's magic ear which is fun to see..

Davy Law also drew Corporal Clott for The Dandy which I'll show another time.
Any other characters I've missed please let me know!

I love how Davy drew in a stretched out long way. I like Davys work like this best.

Use the label at the bottom of the page to see other Davy Laws work. All together it makes a kind of website devoted to Davy Law

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Paul Mason said...

Yes, Davey Law is my favourite too - I love all his Dennis and Beryl work. I didn't know he did Punch and Judy, but it figures. If only there was a proper biography of Davey - all there is is really what Leo Baxendale wrote in Funny Business.