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More comic writers
Graham Exton is talked about at toonhound. A lot of info is used here go to the website to read it in full...wonderful to read how characters came about.

Graham wrote in the 80's at Fleetway
Sweeny Toddler (great writing.very goon show...goodies)
Strawbelly in Buster about a scarecrow that comes to life and helps on the farm
Spare-Part Kit from Wow.a boy who wears spare parts of arms...legs which makes him very strong
and wrote for Oink! comic..
Sid’s Snake in the 80's(which is almost impossible to write for..its all been done before..and to be original and new over the many years it had been on the cover..amazing!)
Gums ...the false teeth wearing shark in Buster

Writer in comics in the 80's-
Mark Rodgers wrote for Oink (also kids tv fun Round the bend)
Deadly Hedley in Buster a vampire detective
Boy Boss from Wow.. Whoopee and Buster a kid who ran a huge business

Tony Husband wrote for Oink and drew as well
and Patrick Gallagher also wrote for Oink.

Lew Stringer also wrote for all his characters he drew in comics
Tom Thug for example in Oink and Buster.

Jamie Smart also draws and writes for the Dandy.
My own Genie for example

Mark Bennington wrote and drew for Fleetway in the 80's.go to the link to read in detail...

Not only did he write his own work like Memory Bank in Whizzer and chips
The Savers...Dozey Derek...The Dummies (his first comic work for Fleetway)..Brainsly Smartpants, The Fat Pack and Delbert etc in Buster.
He also wrote for other artists like
Buster for Tom Paterson..1986-1990 Love the writing!
The super funny Centre pages of Buster late 80's to mid 90's..Lucy Lastic..Captain Crucial...Stupid Street and many more..drawn by him, some by Tom Paterson
Also in the late 80's
X Ray specs
Sweet Tooth for Whizzer and chips

He wrote some wonderful the zany centre page stuff and was always different everyweek and great gooney gags...

Jack Edward Oliver wrote nearly all of his stuff except for the last years of Vid Kid. Again wonderful puzzles and stories he did for Cliff Hanger..Mastermind in Buster.

Terry Bave and wife Shelia

they both wrote all the characters which Terry drew like Odd Ball...Toy boy..Ginger Tum..
I'm sure he also wrote for DC Thomson his work on Winker Watson for example.

Tim Quinn go to link for more info-
Hungry Horace 1979 through the 80's in Topper and Sparky (later becoming Topper)
and many other Topper characters
Beryl the Peril, Mickey the Monkey, Peter Piper, Danny's Tranny, Ali's Baba, L-Cars, Thingummyblob, Tiny,
created The Tyme Twins for Topper

For Fleetway he wrote 1978- early 80's
Buster..Whizzer and chips and Whoopee
The Gold Rush (from Jackpot),
Sweeney Toddler, Supermum, Bumpkin Billionaires, etc
also writing whole annuals and summer specials!!

Kev F Sutherland
writes his own comic work for The Beano
comedy adventures strips starring The Bash Street Kids, with Dennis The Menace, Minnie the Minx etc.. going over several weeks.

Gary Northfield writes his own comic work for The Beano
Derek the sheep

Do you know other writers for humour comics let me know and I'll add to the blog.
Use the label below to see the other post I did on writers in humour comics.

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