Thursday, 3 April 2008

Cartoon time

My latest cartoon work I'm trying to learn from John K on his super blog.

He has great comments for animators and cartoonists. He suggests we don't always go for primary bright... out of the tube colours. To try muted colours more...there can be lots of variety in the colour grey for example. Also I've had a go at linking the two characters more and to make some interesting negative shapes. The shapes within shapes e.g the brown wall has some nice shapes around the two characters.
The white floor border also mimics the clock border two shapes balancing out.
Also the joke is silly and funny.:)

The pictures are shown here at a low res as this will be used on cards I'm selling. To buy this as a high res quality card contact me by my email.
1 pound for each card...postage will depend how many you buy.


tiptopgolfy said...

peter i love your style of drawing and at the moment am trying to master it.

Peter Gray said...

thanks for the nice comments..

your inspire me to draw more...

The Mr Nen really helped me a lot..also drawing characters from the Beano. Also like Terry Bave's style and was inspired by that..he drew Odd Ball..Sammy Shrink..Toy Boy...Whizzer and chips..

Also drew made up comics with my Dad who is also a cartoonist. It must be in the blood:)

Peter Gray said...

Mr Nen I mean't Mr Men by Roger Hargreaves..

tiptopgolfy said...

i am finding mr men a bit hard to do so i will try odd ball etc by the way you should do more cow kids and billy birds