Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Is it the comic you buy or the toy?!

The Yogi comic and toy was the first to have a free gift on every issue and it had a higher price. (The Beano was 2p at the time) nowadays it seems to be the toy and comic......I'm always throwing the toy away from Beanomax and The Dandy...its too much.....

Kids are spoiled these days.....when a comic had a toy or sweets attached it was a big event also the characters in the comic played with the toy in the story..or even showed the comic character eating the sweet that was given away ...also you knew new characters were joining and goodbye to others...A special moment!!

Simply Smiffy joined the Beano by Steve Bright in the free gift issue for example.
Whizzer and chips issue had Pongo Snodgrass coming back by Nigel Edwards..Worldwide School by Reg Parlett..Pigwidgin (a adventure story it was 1195 a sorcerers slave who reads a magic spell book and ends up in our time... well 1983)

Today's Dandy for example has 3 free gifts every week....and loads of competitions with no questions just a lucky draw...next time its the same......new characters are popping in and out...not such a big deal...

Is this better or was it better before.....? Your comments are welcome...

I suppose its like everything for young people today...sweets were a treat...today its everyday!

thanks ISpyshhguy for the picture and some of the info...and the inspiration for this post...

Mind you the letter by Susan McCabe from Durham was complaining that the comic needs more free gifts....the letter is from Sparky 1971 Number 312 Jan 9th.
She would be happy now.......or would she?

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Matthew said...

I guess they have to give away more gifts now to attract readers. After all, we live in an era in which publishers feel they have to give away DVDs all the time in order to make people buy newspapers.

I think free gifts must have been more exciting when given away less frequently. I remember getting the Gnasher Snapper (a triangular cardboard device that, when flicked outwards with the wrist made a snapping noise like Gnasher's jaws) in an early eighties Beano and a Gnasher glove puppet. In fact I got both twice (a few years apart) which made me think I'd been a regular reader for longer than even Thomson's had expected anyone would be!