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Buster comic covers Jan-March 1988 by Tom Paterson

Love this image....

2nd Jan 1988
9th Jan 1988
16th Jan 1988
23rd Jan 1988
30th Jan 1988
6th Feb 1988
13th Feb 1988
20th Feb 1988
27th Feb 1988
5th March 1988
12th March 1988
19th March 1988

26th March 1988

Buster comic covers from 1988 drawn by Tom Paterson
Jan-March 1988
Here will be a whole year of 1988 and what fun...eye catching covers they are...
The paper and ink got better at this time (started 30th May 1987) which made it more stronger the colours and lines.

The Buster covers of that period were coloured by John Burns, nephew of the comic artist John M. Burns.

Lew Stringer
Thanks Lew for the information

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Anonymous said...

TOM PATERSON'S stuff is powerful, and his visuals grab you in a split second, was many years at IPC/FLEETWAY before he 'crossed over' to DCT......IPC lost many titles by the mid-80s, and DCT were in a position to pick and choose many of their top comic artists...ROBERT NIXON also 'returned to the fold' around this time, to great effect....ISPYSHHHGUY.