Thursday, 20 January 2011

My new Career!

Easter Bunny NEW!

Three new Animal drawings

I'm relaunching my website from
to (It should change by friend Paul is doing this for me) and made some big improvememnts..also Paypal is set up..

Also new email

This is to be my job from now on..a full time animal artist..
I do the Maltings at Farnham the first Saturday of the Month
and Midhurst Craft Fair The Grange mid Month Saturday..19th Feb for example

My cards are selling in Kim's Bookshop Chichester
Today I've got an order for University of Surrey book shop..:)
Also selling in Guildford House..

Still waiting for other ones..


Andy said...

Good luck, Peter!

Fanton said...

Best of luck with it all, Peter! :D

Bruce Laing said...

Good luck on your new venture, Peter. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm truly happy that things are picking up for you, Peter.

You really deserve it!

Love the new look of the site!


Peter Gray said...

Thanks everyone..