Saturday, 8 January 2011

Meet-ups Peter Pest meets Steevie Starr

Nutty 29th Aug 1981.

I like Tom Williams style he drew many Beano and Dandy comic libraries of the 80's.
Great gag with the cat stuck on the car roof!! Also the cat was attracted to the car purring..I love extra gags and story in the comic page..
Tom Williams style often had arrows in boxes in the panels like the yardstick one.

Love the meet up following into Steevies page...a running gag..great stuff.maybe The Dandy could do some fun meet ups as well..
Ironically we have a Star Wars three now with the prequels!

Steevie Starr is very well written as is a lot of Nutty..
I know Steve Bright wrote a lot of Steevie Starr and others including Bananaman.

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