Thursday, 6 January 2011

Meet-ups Sweeny Toddler meets Scream Inn!!

Whoopee! 6th December 1975
Side panel gag...Come here I'm very fond of beans on ghost..

What is clever that Brian Walker has done he has included the Squiggly monster in the side panels and the strange man that often appears in Sweeny toddler see below..
also the style of Sweeny is in a Tom style..

Whats yellow and swings through the jungle Tarzipan! thats the sideways gag by squiggly..Tom Paterson does an amazing Sweeny and it is hard to tell the difference between him and Leo Baxendale who drew it before..

Whoopee! 1st Nov 1975
Here is that man he is hiding in panel 6...even I couldn't find him straight away..
I feel that story could of been better drawn with more movement and the clocks more animated..

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