Sunday, 9 January 2011

Tom Williams comic work..

Whizzer and Chips 12th February 1977

Whoopee! Summer Special 1979
The Bumpkins were always really well written and its amazing how many ideas they got out of this concept. Tom drew also in Whoopee! comic the Bumpkins But is mostly drawn by Mike Lacey.

Shiver and Shake 29th September 1973.
Of course the name comes from Coronation Street. I never liked the medicine mans masks..still don't like face masks today.

Tom signed the cover..thats rare for him.

Monster Fun 30th August 1975
What was clever the kids were even more of a horror than the monster!
Its one of those strips which I found unsettling as a kid But also couldn't stop reading it either. I read it in Buster and Monster Fun summer specials in the 80's.
Its being the one eye ball and all those tentacles..a very creepy strip.I also found Freaky Farm, Terror Tv were in this vain. It was from another world which of course Ken Reids work was as well!

Whizzer and Chips 1973 shown in Shiver and Shake as a one off..
A great idea as I don't have many early Whizzer and Chips I havn't read many..though Tiny Tycoon must of replaced this..which did last a long time.

Tom also drew many Beano and Dandy comic libraries including Roger the Dodger, Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, Lord Snooty, Gnasher and Gnipper, Winker Watson, The Burrd, Desperate Dan and groups of fun folk.

See older posts use label of Tom Williams to see more of his work including his Nutty comic work.
Dekker - He's a Collector
Launched: 29th July 1978

Ended: 16th December 1978

He also drew Dekker the collector in Buster which I don't have.

Tom also ghosted many artists in the Fleetway Summer Specials and Annuals..see link for example at Toonhound.

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John M. Gilheany said...

That's a great showcase of one of those artists who just seems to have slipped below the radar of fan appreciation, despite having an accomplished and distinctive style.

It's been ages since I've actually read some of those strips but interesting that you mention the Bumpkin Billionaires as appearing particularly well scripted.

I was listening to an archive on-line radio show the other day about Ken Reid and Pat Mills of 2000ad fame spoke of scripting the above atrip - although the editors blanded his ideas down quite a bit.