Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Meet-ups Scared-stiff Sam meets Frankie Stein!!

Whoopee and Shiver and Shake 5th April 1975

Frankie Stein is drawn by Robert Nixon But the Scared-stiff Sam looks like its a mixture of Mike Lacey and Robert...or Mike is a very good ghoster which is more likely..or is it all by Robert?!!
love this story and seeing other artists drawing other artists characters..and two stories blending into one..just like the comic Whoopee!! and Shiver and Shake..


Niblet said...

I really appreciate it when the artists and writers go to the extra trouble of doing something special like this. It must be very rare for a story to start in one humour strip and finish in another. Thanks for posting it, Peter.

Andy Boal said...

Four pages solid Bob. The first frame had me fooled, but it's all by Bob - the giveaway is not just his line, but also his FX lettering, which was always distinctive.

Gareth said...

R Nixon was a genius who helped make my childhood wondrous, and helped me to learn to read well, too. Addictive art for children!