Monday, 3 January 2011

UPDATE Meet-ups Snooper meets Val Vanishing Cream

Buster 13 September 1975 drawn by CORRECTED Martin Baxendale..who even ghosts a Mike Lacey style for Val..
thanks to Niblet again from the super Cheeky comic blog..;)

Dear Peter

The 'Snooper' page of 13 Sept 1975 you've reproduced
isn't by me. By then I'd stopped drawing Snooper and
everything else so that I could put all of my time into drawing
The Bad Time Bed Time Books. This Snooper looks to
me to have been drawn by my son Martin, who did carry
on the Snooper strips for editor Len Wenn for a while.
Soon after, of course, I stopped freelancing for the
children's comics industry forever, and went off to
create the Willy the Kid books for Duckworths.
And so on, and so on.

Regards Leo Baxendale

Thanks Leo for the correction and the extra info.
As a lot of people know on this blog I'm a huge fan of Leo's work and is my favourite comic artist. Love the Banana Bunch the best!
My heart beated a bit faster recieving that email...:)

Tom Paterson is also up the top of my list which came after Leo...


Lew Stringer said...

"Martin Baxendale..who even ghosts a Mike Lacey style for Val.."

It's even closer to home than that. Mike Lacey's style was strongly influenced by Leo Baxendale's early 1960s style, so in getting the "Val" character so accurate Martin is in fact ghosting a style devised by his Dad, whilst at the same time drawing Snooper in the style Leo used in the early 1970s. Two styles originating from one source. :)

(One of us should really do a blog on the development of Leo's styles one day. His 1950s pages were very experimental and it's always a nice surprise when a Bash Street page turns up in a totally different style to the one we associate with him during that period.)

Peter Gray said...

It wouldn't matter if we both did that blog we would do it differently anyway..different styles..:)

Thanks for the amusing reply..:)

Leo's work as you say changed a great deal..and very hard to spot sometimes if he drew it..

Hackers said...

So where is this blog about Leo's changing styles? :)