Thursday, 13 January 2011

Animal art by me old and new..

Mother and Baby Cheetha ..Sept 2009..This is the first drawing I liked and started me off as an animal artist. My sister loved it and owns the original which I gave to really encouraged me to do more. So glad to finally get this up to show and make cards and prints from it soon..

The meercat one is not starting at print number 1 as I've sold 2 A3 ones already..
The A4 one starts at number 1..

If you want to own any of these prints at number 1 please email me to book in and be the first..
A3 Print mounted £34
A4 Print Mounted £19
Prints are limited to 50..
Price will go up after print number 5..

Anyway soon I'll have paypal set up for these new prints to buy at my main website.. UPDATED

Please check to see where the print number is at..

Hope you like them...:)

Art by me
A rough order
Started September 2009

September 2009

1) A running Leopard b&w
2) Baby Leopard in the snow leaning on tree b&w

3) Cheetah and baby being licked b&w Jayne owns it..This is where it properly starts..

4) Panda and Baby on tum b&w
5) Tortoise first colour watercolour First one SOLD for £15.(today I sell my originals for £70):)
6) Snow Leopard whole body colour
7) Close up of Crocodile colour
8) Harvest Mouse in the Blackberries colour

October 2009

9) Tiger helping Cub in snow colour
10) Three Meercats colour SOLD....... owns it bought for £45
11) Leopards in love colour SOLD.......... for £45
12) Leopard with three cubs colour
13) Baby Giraffe sitting down colour SOLD...... for £45

Nov/December 2009

14) A golden mane lion colour
15) Fox being covered in snow colour
16) Girl and dog sledging colour Nov
17) Kitten in summer colour
18) Laughing and not funny kitten colour
19) Three Penguins family colour
20) Robin on Father Christmas boot colour
21) Seal smiling colour .........SOLD for £30
22) Snow Leopard close up colour
23) Tiger licking cub (two cubs) colour

January/Feb 2010

24) Yellow Dog with brown eyes colour
25) Elephant b&w ... Carol's Sister Christmas Present
26) Wolf in woods b&w
27) Lop-eared Rabbit b&w MY BEST ONE!!!! My best seller!!
28) Two cats under the white covers of a bed colour
29) Black cat colour SOLD £45
30) Pug dog standing on tartan colour SOLD for £70
31) Snow hare b&w

March 2010
32) Carol on her Wedding day colour
33) Daffodils Mothers day colour
34) Baby Elizabeth laughing colour
35) Dalmatian dog b&w
36) Three Piggies in colour
37) Turtle colour smaller than A3
38) Spring lambs smaller than A3

April/July 2010

39) Hedgehog smiling (b&w)
40) Hedgehog close up b&w small card for Jayne's Birthday July
41) Two Beagle dogs in Christmas stockings (b&w)
42) Gorillas in love (b&w)
43) Sheep dog (b&w)
44) Cat with Christmas hat (b&w)
45) A close up of the three piggies b&w gift to Lesley Martins Petworth Art shop
46) Bassett Hound in Christmas hat
47) Brown bear and cub colour
48) redrawn lop-eared bunny grey tones didn't work very well..
49) Panda sitting b&w
50) Baby Elizabeth sleeping small drawing Birthday card
51) Meercats two one sitting colour

July 2010
52) Carols Mums cat colour
53) Horse b&w
54) Shetland Ponies one colour drawn on back of Horse picture
55) Red Squirrel facing on b&w

August 2010

56) Otters in love b&w
57) Red Squirrel holly colour
58) Fox close up blue/red grass colour SOLD ..... for £70

59) Scottish Wild Cat Black and White
60) Badger in Bluebells Colour
61) Swan and Signets Colour SOLD to ...... and .... for £70

62) Snowy Owl colour sunset
63) Tiger smiling colour for Naomi Christmas Present
64) Staffordshire Bull Terrier b&w

65) Baby Elephant Carol's Brother Christmas present b&w
66) Penguin and young snuggling up Colour
67) Jack Russell dog b&w (need to show this sometime...)
68) Small Christmas card White Horse for Mum
69) Small Christmas card Marmalade cat for Carol
70) Small Christmas card Baby Penguin for Jayne
71) Small Christmas card Seal for Aunty
72) Two Brown Foxes

January 2011
73) Scotty Terrier b&w
74) Red Setter dog b&w

So you can see I've been busy..:)


Steven Hartley said...

Superb drawings - I love the one you did of the Cocker Spaniel - it reminds me of my dog.

Oh, BTW (I know it's off-topic on this post) but on my blog I posted a few comic strips on one of my favourites: Calamity James. Thought you might be interested.

Peter Gray said...

Thanks for the nice comments you are right it does look like a Cocker Spaniel But its actually a Red Setter...been debating whether to do this one in colour..think I will now..nopw wheres my red and brown pencils..:)

Peter Gray said...

Changed my mind I'll keep it black and white..

Working on a close up of a lion at the moment..