Monday, 3 January 2011

Meet-ups See Kid Gloves join Val's Vanishing Cream

Thanks to Niblet Its a shame the Parkie didn't know about Val as well!!:)

Val started in Cor!!

It was rare for characters to team up...But it was always special when it did happen..its fun seeing how Mike draws Kid Gloves..

I'll try and find some more from Fleetway comics..
found one which will be put up tomorrow by the timer post (never done that before!..)..Scared-stiff Sam meets Frankie Stein!


John M. Gilheany said...

It's really interesting to see these type of dual character strips (not just casual character encounters over a panel or two) especially where a character crosses over to another comic, as with Sweet Tooth/Shake.

Strange really, that U.S. comics devote so much storyline to crossovers whereas British titles seem to manage well enough with self-contained strips.

That's probably what makes these examples appear so exceptional. First time I'd seen any of them and when I manage to recall a couple of others from my murky memory, I shall scan them on...

Peter Gray said...

Thanks John for your nice comments glad you like my posts..

I'll put up any that you find..