Tuesday, 8 February 2011

We Want...readers request page

21st March 1987 Beano
A new one I think by Steve Bright?

Not by original artist Vic Neil But ghosted by Keith Reynolds..thanks to Andy..Andy do you think I got the Jonah artist right?
21st Feb 1987 Beano

If you going to show reprints in a comic this is a nice way to do it..celebrate that it is a bit different to the other pages..also its nice that you could ask for an old character to come back for a one off..
As you can see they weren't all reprints some old characters can be brought back to life by new artists..

The Dandy 18th Jan 1997 a new one by George Martin!
This was also done in The Dandy with a mixture of new work and reprints..

Maybe The new Dandy could do this..


Andy Boal said...

I initially thought the McTickles was by original artist Vic Neill, but it's definitely ghosted this time round by Keith Reynolds

Harry Rickard said...

Greedy Pigg actually appears to be ghosted by David Parkins in my eyes.