Thursday, 17 February 2011

The mini comic booklets..and other collecting fun!

Spotter book of TV Whoopee! 28th January 1978.
Spotter guide booklets were also ticked it off when you spotted them..
So watching Blue Peter you could then tick off Valerie..don't know the other people..
tick off when you spot a cameraman..

Slow Coach 1973 by Frank Mc Diarmid and Lucky Dick 1976 by Ian Knox
A Whizzer and Chips Merry Memories Booklet which resulted in readers voting for one of these old characters to come a good guess it was Beat your Neighbours.

Cards could be collected and later played into a game..
26th Feb 1983 Buster Xray Specs game

World Wide Werdies drawn this time by Robert Nixon did a Calendar booklet showing the seasons with monsters!
Love to see the other one..sadly don't have that one..I like how hes blended the Autumn and Winter season into one picture..though shame the booklet was only in two parts..
(Ken did do the Calendar one Month at a time in a Shiver and Shake annual..)

This was a treat you could collect the booklets together to make the first number one Whizzer and Chips! (20th October 1979)
They also did this with Buster number 1 booklet..

Sid Burgon drawing (Whizzer and Chips 10th and 24th October 1981) Joker used the booklet pages to tell a gag a page so you didn't have to wait until next week to find oput what happens next..

Paul Ailey Whoopee! 14th October 1978

These mini comics appeared at times in IPC comics and a few times in DC Thomson. Sometimes you had to buy four comics then cut out and put in order making a bigger mini comic.
These can be puzzle books, joke books..

Also they did comic samplers booklets to give you a flavour of other comics you may not have bought..e.g Mickey Mouse Weekly, Whoopee, another good idea..
Leo Baxendale of course did the great Badtime Bedtime booklets in Monster fun see link for examples and info..

Jack Edward Oliver did an amazing choose your own adventure type Cliff hanger time traveled Cliff to different eras it was very clever had two options to choose from taking you to a different page in the booklet..
Off Topic...its so good to see my geocities back online thanks oocities..
See on the page for all my other websites on top comic made me very happy to see this!

I know there was an Ivy the Terrible booklet in The Beano by Robert Nixon But DC Thomson didn't seem to do many of these...unless you know better..
Maybe the new Dandy could bring back comic booklets...mind you I wouldn't want to cut my comic up..:)


NP said...

We did a run of these cut-out and fold booklets in 2005 in the Dandy, including an ENTIRE issue that was cut out and keep. Maybe you weren't reading it then?

Peter Gray said...

I was reading it then..I've found an example you mean Hyde and Shriek did one for example in the 2005 Christmas issue..

Thanks for reminding me..
also I see the Dandy in 2005-2007 did posters and other bits and pieces to cut out..also a calendar..