Wednesday, 9 February 2011

BEEB Magazine Humour pages....

Peter Maddock
Laura Howell (Beano's Beano Manga etc..) said my cartoon style is bit like this..which is a lovely compliment..
I like the story on this one as well..
See his website..he done some very unusual paintings as well..with many styles!

UPDATE Barrie Appleby

Harry North
A very strange strip...very chatty which doesn't really work for me..

BEEB only lasted 20 issues! so even though it had good things in it..Look-in magazine must of done it better..which is what BEEB was trying to be..

Next..Feature Pages and Adventures stories

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Andy Boal said...

That Bananaman strip was certainly not drawn by John Geering - looks like Barrie Appleby to me!