Monday, 28 February 2011

Reg Parlett's Whizzer and Chips Lib an' Archie and their Magic Piano

Whizzer and Chips 1st May 1978 It stated off as just being called Magic Piano.

I've found another Reg Parlett comic character he did..I don't think he did it for long before Joe McCaffrey took over (I think that is the name of the artist that drew it next!). The strip is a great concept and lots of old and new tunes are played resulting in fun results..again Reg is the master at drawing an object in so many different ways in each panel..also nice expressions on the piano!! the eyes mixed in to the woodwork and the grinning teeth of the smile in the keyboard..

Mike Lacey ghosting a kind of Reg Parlett/Joe McCaffrey style..
which is unusual as Mike often drew different characters in his own style..also normally the cover was for Sid and Shiner..

It is a nice cover..Mike the king of comic covers..

Inside annual Joe McCaffrey


Andy Boal said...

Yes, I'd be sure that's Joe McCaffrey inside - but the title panel I think is by Sid Burgon. Looks like his lettering.

Niblet said...

Thanks for reminding me of this strip. I didn't know it was originally drawn by Reg P.

The names Lib an' Archie were of course a play on the name of flamboyant pianist of the time, Liberace (pronounced Libberarchie)