Thursday, 10 February 2011

BEEB Magazine The Feature pages....

The cover is very might of put people off from buying it..
It does have an educational feel to Look and Learn..But not as exciting..

Contents Page with snake does feel like homework this..

Behind the Scenes of Saturday Super Store
This is better and I would of enjoyed reading this..

Dr Who can't go wrong with this..

BBC tv slot..its a shame they couldn't have more info on who will be on..e.g Saturday Super store which bands playing etc..

Pop Slot

Blue Peter Special

John Craven Reporting

I think The Blue Peter and Newsround sections would of been better if it had a diary from the presenters in what they are up to..mixed in with these articles of interest..a bit like today with the presenters of Blue Peter doing blogs online..

Wild life page

A sports page

It had the latest popstar posters..

So BEEB was not just a Look-in type But also a Look and Learn magazine mixed in..

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