Friday, 30 January 2009

Roy Wilson- He created the British comic art style!!

Thanks Phil. Film Fun's 'Quips' page in 1961.

An example from The comic art of Roy Wilson by Alan Clark the header with the octopus pulling many crackers! It is a very happy book. Roy drew the best happy faces.

Buster 1967 reprint from Film Fun. Just love the octopus..a character well known in the stories of Pitch and Toss from Funny Wonder.

The comic art of Roy Wilson by Alan Clark and David Ashford is well worth seeking out...just bought it myself!
We all love the cartoon comic animals of Pogo, Disney, Reg Parlett and Robert Nixon. Roy was there first!
From Bear Alley see more great covers by Roy..

Roy was great at filling the panels with onlooking animals enjoying the fun.
(Roy Wilson 1900-1965)


John said...

Such splendid exuberance!

Unknown said...

Can you please tell me how much a funny wonder annual 1939 is worth please? Thankyou

Peter Gray said...

I find looking on ebay of other similar books help..
Think they are worth a bit due to Roy Wilson doing the covers..

Phil would know he sells annuals..comics..

hosanna croker said...

Thankyou very much i will message him