Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Frank Mc Diarmid's comic!! Or Lily pop comic:))

Wonder if Frank knew a Lily Pop...:)

love the cold shower joke...lol

Lily Pop was hot!! Love the fact Frank knew there were readers seeking out her in the comic...love the witty remarks he adds..

A typical Cheeky reader...who loves Lily Pop..made me laugh..

The comic had a ruder edge than any other kids comic at the time. All in the best possible taste!:)

This badge (I presume) would have been with issue 3 but by 1979 they were given away with published letters and when Cheeky was swallowed by Whoopee there were 2000 left over (this edition be one of them) which were given away as freebies for an s.a.e. Lilly Pop seemed quite risque from time to time from what I've been looking at lately! This was her final outing from the 1985 Cheeky annual so maybe the staff just thought 'let's push things to the limit - we won't be here next year anyway' - or maybe complaints would have led to publicity and a 1986 annual, who knows... Enjoy! John

Thanks for many of these images John.

These posters were popular as a lot of the Cheeky comics I have the back poster page is missing..must of looked good on bedroom walls..

Some super posters of each character was printed...including comic work by other artists. Though Frank drew a lot of the comic. Hence the name of this post.

The last Elephant on the run...we never did find out why he was wanted...shame..
Drawn by Robert Nixon.

Hi Pete, Glad the first one got through okay. I'll forward a bunch sometime today and eventually there should be thirty-odd to add to the gallery! Here's a bit on a blog that I've recently been up to which features my own early stuff and may be of minor interest: http://whenyougrowupyourheartdies.blogspot.com/2009/01/hit-kid-1987.html I found it better to decide between a 'cartoony' or 'adventure' style but there was another dabble with a Frankie-Stein strip - probably mourning the loss of British humour comics by the '90's. Anyway! Back soon, John

So use the label of Cheeky Weekly on the left and see some new Cheeky Weekly covers..thanks John Gilheany.

Still a few gaps can anyone else help with scans..please send to my email


John said...

Love the sense of depth that Frank creates in those pin-ups.

Yikky-Boo was a wonderful little fiend - another Cheeky (ie Krazytown) character that stayed in there till the end and a particlur favourite of mine was the highly original Bubble-gum boy: twice featured in close-up full page interviews unless I'm mistaken...

Bruce Laing said...


For more of the Cheeky Pin-Up Pals, I have a gallery of most, if not all of the Pin-Up Pals on my own blog here.