Thursday, 5 February 2009

Hugh McNeill's amazing comic career!!

Thanks Phil for the image.

Knockout 1951.

Playhour annual 1985.

Playhour 1981.

Also from Playhour.

Harold Hare had his own comic at one time before merging into ..
Jack and Jill...this is from 1981.

Jack and Jill 1981. Hugh drew in Jack and Jill comic from the first issue 1954.
He drew the cover stars Jack and Jill of Buttercup farm.

See his signature in the corner.

He drew adventure stories in Knockout like Dick Turpin.
Also the first Pansy Potter the strong mans daughter for The Beano which came out in 1938 and had his drawing Ping the elastic man in the first issue.
Hugh McNeill died aged 68.. 22 November 1979.

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