Friday, 27 February 2009

Reg Parlett- Big Boy and The Goodies and the Baddies

Another Reg Parlett character. A bit Billy Bunterish.

On my website on Reg I put this as a strip from Wow! 1980's...yesterday I found the strip in a 1973 Whizzer and chips annual.

From comicsuk forum..
Big Boy is a reprint of 'The Big One' Peter, the title character of the oversized broadsheet comic produced by Fleetway in 1964-1965. It was amalgamated with Buster after only 19 issues and I seem to remember that, unusually for a title character, that Big One didn't start to appear in the title until well into it's, admittedly, rather short run. After the merger Buster and the big lad shared the cover strip for a while. Kashgar Thanks Kashgar...

Is The Goodiesa dn the Baddies a Whizzer and chips characters or from an even earlier comic?

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