Friday, 23 January 2009

Joe Colquhoun Cor!! and Buster's work

Cor!! early 70's. Love the colour choices he uses.

Buster 1973. I love the idea of this strip. Very clever way to get new skills.

Buster 1975. Great movement in the strip.

Buster 1976. What an exciting strip!
Steve Oldman interviewed Joe. I only published it.

As for Joe's other work, information is within the interview itself. (He did not draw for Whizzer and Chips, but he did do Kid Chameleon in Cor!! Joe mainly worked for the adventure weeklies.)

Lew Stringer

This is from Cor!! 1970. This strip of course works really well in colour.
Joe also drew Roy of the Rovers from his first appearance.

Hi Peter,
From memory Joe Colquhoun began drawing for AP/Fleetway/IPC in the early 1950's.
His first strip was a self scripted effort set in WWII in Lion (title eludes me at the moment) in 1952/1953. I also seem to recall him doing the odd strip for the old story paper Champion towards the ends of it's life in 1955. His first great strip was however 'Roy of the Rovers' which in drew in Tiger from No1 in 1954.
Thanks Kashgar for the info.

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