Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Arthur Martins comic work

Buster 1966.

The Duke's Spook is not the work of anyone trying to imitate Reg Parlett. It is the fine work of AP comic strip veteran Arthur Martin who drew all kinds of strips for AP titles from the 1930's through to the late 1970's. For example Charlie Drake was a strip he drew for nearly 10 years (1958-1967) in Radio Fun and then Buster. Thanks Kashgar for the info.


Sherm said...

The Duke's Spook is a whole lot of fun! Living in the USA, I've never seen ANY of the comics on this blog before, so I've got a lot of posts to read.

Thanks for scanning and sharing all this great comic goodness!

Peter Gray said...

Hooray this is what the blog was for..

I'm enjoying looking at your American comics...I look at John K's blog for example..

Just been reading Cookie comic online by Dan Gordon for example..

Hope you tell other comic fans about our great UK comics:)

Peter Gray said...

I just seen that the blog I've added to my list is yours..

Cartoon snap..which is where I read the Cookie page advertised on John K's blog and ASIFA animation archive..

I've gopt lots to read as well on your blog:)

Sherm said...

Hi Peter...I've added you to my blogroll as well...hopefully some more of us Yanks will discover your cool scans!

Peter Gray said...

Looks like your getting UK fans to your blog from here as well..

while I have your attention..
Our best comic artists in the UK is
Ken Reid
Leo Baxendale
Dudley D Watkins
David Law

Reg Parlett
Tom Paterson
Bill Ritchie

use the labels on the left of the blog to see there top comic work.

You will be amazed!
thanks for linking me:)

Sherm said...

Hi Peter...I just started to look at the artists you recommended and there's so much good stuff! I'm not really sure why most of these comics are unknown to most Amaricans...I mean we speak the same language (most of the time).

I really like Davy Law's stuff...very fast and loose linework with a lot of life. That little article on "Stick Figure Action" Drawing is dead-on perfect!

--and "thanks" right back at you for linking to CartoonSNAP. And it's very nice to "meet" you as well. I really like that food drawing on your portfolio site ^_^

Peter Gray said...

Of course I love SpongeBob:)) my kind of humour..

Thanks for the nice comments on my junk food man.enjoyed drawing it.bought the food for reference..yummy:)

Just wait until you see the other comic artist...

My favourite is Leo Baxendale and Tom Paterson..I love wacky...zany humour!

It really made my day...
Told people at comicsuk forum about your blog as well..