Tuesday, 27 January 2009

UPDATE John Stokes Buster's Maxwell Hawke (30th October 1965 - 3rd September 1966)

Great use of shadows.. super silhouettes...a great character drawn by two top artists..



Peter, Your blog has cleared something up in my mind. I have seen on various blogs references to my drawing Maxwell Hawke in the sixties, and thought to myself " You poor old ferret, you're losing it! You don't remember a thing about that, do you?" And I now realize, after following the link on your blog, that I don't remember it because I didn't draw it! Those pages are not by me. They're too good, for one thing. in 1966 my stuff was much clunkier. Thanks for setting my mind at rest.
Now, back to that owl!
All the best,
John Stokes.

So who did draw it?


chris said...

does anyone know where i can get hold of these maxwell hawke comics? if you can help them email me: christopherbvn@gmail.com

Peter Gray said...

These are from early Buster comics 1960-65..your best bet is ebay..that is where I get my early Busters from..

Bruce Goodman said...

A complete Maxwell Hawke adventure appears in THE GIANT HOLIDAY FANTASY COMIC ALBUM 1990 which I found on ebay. Its Max's second adventure called THE GHOST OF GALLOWS HILL MANOR.