Sunday, 18 January 2009

Frank McDiarmid's Buster comic work

Started in 1970's Buster.

1969 it started in Buster. love the last panel with loads and loads of plates..cups..done to a silly degree..

1968 it started in Buster.
Great use of blacks to show darkness....wonderful over the top movement of bodies on the characters..Frank is tops at showing different view points also breaking free from panels!! Panel two showing movement with a few lines same as panel 8...really gives the frantic feel...wonderful stuff.

Frank carried on from Ken Reid after his death in 1987. Not an easy task. Frank has taken over from Ken Reid a few times before has his style suits the strips well. Like Roger the Dodger Beano 70's and Big Head and Thick Head Dandy 60's which is very hard to tell the difference between the styles.

Came in Buster 1986.

Reprinted from the first Whizzer and chips...came to Buster from School Fun joining in 1984.

To find what Frank drew in Buster I use the Buster index from this website. Often use it..

Inspired to do a post on Frank from a guy who put in the comments that he can send me some more Cheeky covers for my blog...which is great news. I like Franks work a lot.

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Anonymous said...

First time I have revisited the .MISERS' since the original printings, PETER: a very, bleak, stark strip filled with character, with the attention to detail you just don't see any more......thanks for letting me see these strips.