Wednesday, 7 January 2009

George and Dudley drawing together!!

from Beano book 1969.

I reckon that WATKINS drew this entire strip, and simply left blank spaces for BOB Mc GRATH to fill in his own unique bear characters later: the fact that you see these two seperate styled-characters actually sitting at the same table remains one of the most unique, original diversions in the history of comics----- in the UK 'funnies' field at least-------[through a fairly simple idea];: a full 40 years later.

WATKINS, for all his great talent, was never that great at doing BAXENDALE-styled characters [BOB'S '3 BEARS' was originated by LEO, obviously] so perhaps it was a concious decision that led to this 'happy accident'.

I bought the 1969 annual at the time [I was very young then, of course!] and I noticed it was a collaboration, but that's probably because I spent so much time of my younthful years absorbing these childhood books. thanks Spy for the fun info

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