Friday, 16 January 2009

More comic work from George Drysdale

thanks Spy..
He did work with sparky from the 1st edition onwards until he died in 1967.

Early Topper.

I have often found GEORGE DRYSDALE'S work to be pretty similar to BOB Mc GRATH'S style, ..BOB, of course, took over 'BIG UGGY' from GEORGE, possibly after the passing of the original artist in 1967: I certainly associate the BOB version of 'UGGY' with late '60s 'TOPPER'.

It's entirely feasible that the 1967 'TOPPER' Editor felt that BOB taking over the artistic reins from GEORGE would prove a relatively painless transition; I agree, Phil, 'BIG UGGY' was a pretty classy one-off, with 'DOPEYDOCUS' in particular still having the power to haunt my memory from stone-age TOPPER-TIMES......From Spy

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Thanks to Phil R.

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