Thursday, 14 August 2008

Puzzle pages for young readers are they dumbed down?

From 1997

I'm sure it is much the same. Just a higher price!

This colouring page is so boring..they stand there...every flower has to have three in each bunch...even one flower is cropped off in the corner...badly cropped and a very lazy action.
Look at your latest young kids magazine is it lifeless like this.
Look at the colouring page now and let me know.

This maze is soo basic. Is it possible to go wrong? Maybe once:)
Is your maze page this bad now? Let me know...maybe things have changed from The Tellytubbies mag from 1997.

This is from 1963. The same age group.
Whats is the difference. Less bright garish colour! A drawn cover rather than a photo cover.

The drawing is very good and interesting. That is a better colour challenge. Also tips on how to draw in this case a snail.

This puzzle page has a great maze. Computer graphics are not hiding the drawing like the other one. Partly as this was before computers:)
Also other nice puzzles.

Do other young kids magazines today have puzzle pages this simple, basic and boring.

Let me know in the comments.

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