Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Leo Baxendale-Cyril Price, Brian Lewis who drew what? part 3

from Pow! and Wham! number 85. 31st August 1968.
Cyril Price.

I think Cyril Price drew a lot of the later Georges Germs strips - although I agree that the strip shown here does look to me like Brian Lewis' work ( who also drew the strip when it was in WHAM - before it merged with Pow along with Terry Villiers ?) - I'm not sure if Mike Brown was involved in Georges Germs at all (he certainly did work on The Man from Bungle, the Dolls of St Domonics and the Tiddlers etc) . I agree, Leos work in Odhams wasn't artistically his best (with the exceptions of Eagle Eye and perhaps the early Man From BUNGLE strips) but he was involved in (and/or) created some great characters like Grimly Feendish, Swots (which was better once it mover to IPCs version of Smash and others under Leo) Bad Penny and the NERVS (which Ken Reid took over and made comic strip legends IMHO). Some of his other strips were for me really poor like The Humbugs , Footsie the Clown, Biff etc (although some of the early Biffs were nicely drawn). Mike Brown was a great artist / cartoonist in hios own right I dont think he gets the attention he deserved. Thanks to Moose for so much information.


signed by Leo Baxendale from Wham! number 2.

The Georgie's Germs is possibly by Brian Lewis. Thanks to Raven for info.

all quotes from comicsuk forum

Putting them all together although they look similar there is a difference. What a shame that not all the comic arists working on Wham! were allowed to sign or chose not to. Leo often started a comic strip in the 60's But not soon after another artist drawing like him took over. He couldn't draw everything at the same time.

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