Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Leo Baxendale- Stan McMurty, Brian Lewis who drew what? part 2

Stan McMurty. ("Mac" from the Daily Mail.)
Thanks to Lew Stringer for the information.
Stan also drew Grimley Feendish which Leo Baxendale also drew.
I'll show in another post so you can see the differences.

the image is from
http://www.comicsuk.co.uk/images/FullStripLeo Baxendale.

Again Brian Lewis and Mike Browns work is often confused with Leo Baxendale. Its interesting to compare the two together. In this period the best way to tell is often by the Leo's signature. It seems Leo does more different type panels like zoom in on characters faces. Also a brush wash again is used. The earlier Wham! comic seems to be more likely to be drawn by Leo.

Brian Lewis

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