Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Graham Allens comic work.

Lion 1966 1st Jan

GA's style is very distinctive, - look at the inkline and the tiny feet, - not to mention the sfx lettering. That 1968 Smash annual cover is definitely his work, without a shadow of a doubt.

Graham Allen also did the covers for:

Wham! Annual 1967, 1968, 1969

Smash! Annual 1967

Pow! Annual 1968

Lew Stringer
thanks Lew for the infomation.


Wham! annual 1968

Cor!! 1973-74 then continuing in Buster and Cor!! Graham fills the page really well with creepy monsters...love the details.

Other strips he drew..
To name but a few...

Kicks in Pow!
Please Sir! in Look-In
Some Typhoon Tracy for Tiger and Jag
Micky's Moonbugs for TV21
King Kat for the Daily Star

I think he also drew Lord Rumsey's Rovers for Score 'n' Roar, but I don't have an issue to hand to check at present.

Graham Allen was also the regular artist on The Nervs and Tuffy McGrew

Thanks Lew

He also drew
Super Dad Whizzer and Chips 70's

Spy School
Clever Dick and Dozy Mick Whoopee!! 1974-75

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