Thursday, 14 August 2008

Bill Ritchie- Bimbo comic work

Didn't know Bill also drew this in Bimbo...a long eared Donkey. Bill is great at drawing cute.

Mums always wore aprons in those days. Fathers always smoked a pipe:)

Great colours and Bimbo is printed on nice paper.

Nice the different shape frames and the Blue or red background.

Finally got some Bimbo comics. Love penguins so this strip is tops for me. The ideas are simple, cute, fun and clear.


Anonymous said...

brilliant to see 'BIMBO' again, was the best 60s tot's comic, in my're quite right, it had glossier paper, more like DCT'S 'SUMMER SPECIALS......the comic employed many of THOMSON'S top artists, and 'BIMBO' holds special 1960s memories.


Captain Storm said...

Seems to me,that the Baby Crockett strip is a re-edit of another story,where he goes to the cinema and saves his sweets and comes home and apes the usherette.Gotta love comics ;-)

The Cap.