Sunday, 3 August 2008

Bill Ritchie- Baby Crockett and his latest cartoon work

Lovely and colourful seeing the real thing...also seeing it larger makes it more special..its a real eye opener! You can see the little animals more clearer in the jungle for example. Much better than the reprints in The Best of Beezer awhile ago now and the latest Classic from the comics..

Just to set the record straight Bill Ritchie is semi retired and still submits single frame cartoons to the Weekly News. He's in there just about every week. stevezodiac
See more cartoons by Bill at the comicsuk forum...thanks to stevezodiac for the info and pictures. Great Bill is still drawing top cartoons also very funny!


Matthew said...

Thanks for posting that. I like Bill's work very much and enjoyed that very surreal episode.

Beezer still had a broadsheet format in the seventies didn't it? I think the Topper did for a long time as well if I remember rightly. Did it change in the early eighties? I've wondered before why they had a broadsheet format when Beano and Dandy were smaller. Less pages and fewer characters? I can't remember.

Good to see some recent Bill Ritchie? As you say, great to know he's still at it.

Matthew said...

Question mark in last paragraph was a typo btw.

Peter Gray said...

yes it changed in the 80's..
Beezer and Topper had so much more colour then The Beano and Dandy just like the annuals.

The Beano and Dandy had a very good didn't need extra money spent on it for more colour pages...Beezer and Topper won over readers for being different adn having more colour and large size...good for dramatic stories and detailed work.

Anonymous said...

Just to be pedantic for a mo, the Beezer and Topper were tabloid size, whereas Beano and Dandy were half tabloid. Just so you don't make an ass of yourself when discussing comics with mates in the pub, like we do.

steve zodiac

Matthew said...

Ah, Well. I meant "broader" than the more narrow comics and wasn't trying to draw a distinction between tabloid and broadsheet printing formats.

I was of limited stature as a child and even tabloid papers seemed broad to me.

Sorry to have been an ass.