Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Leo Baxendale- The Gobbles in Beezer 1962-64

Missed this character from my fansite on Leo Baxendale.

Another strip I found out Leo drew in The Beezer was-
Tommy Taylor's Toybox from Leo Baxendale in 1964.
For your records Peter, in case you don't know, Tommy Taylor's Toybox (Beezer Nos 417-576) was the story of a lad who found a kind of Meccano kit from outer space with which he could build all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets. It was the last new strip that Leo Baxendale embarked upon before he left Thomsons, he drawing the first ten issues 417-426. Thanks Kashgar

I don't have an example of this to show...But when I do I'll add to the blog.

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